Most of the episodes this season have been pretty solid but they don’t flow well together.


Well, that was probably the best scenario ending for this episode (and here I was simply hoping for nothing more than Jody not dying). …I’ll take it.

Eeeeeeewwww… and if we had any question about Dean having the Mark of Cain…


I don’t know what it is, but this episode just doesn’t seem to be flowing well. It seems abrupt and like I’m watching a random episode from last season instead the next episode of Season 9.

Yep. If I have to have an episode I only half watch due to studying, well… Jody aside, this one isn’t a bad option for that.

Well, the vampire family in this episode is still undeniably terrible. But their prey of choice seems to be the sort of person who I don’t feel particularly bad about becoming vamp chow. Well, that’s a thing.

Good news! Jody is wearing plaid; therefore, she is going to survive the episode. Yay! (Well, according to this one analysis of survival rates on various in-episode factors I saw a while back, anyways.)

Probably not live blogging. Still reviewing some notes, and pretty sure my posts will mostly amount to “yay Jody woohoo!”. So there’s that.

FYI: I never got around to watching last week’s AoS on the abc website, and I have an exam tomorrow (my last one before graduation, so no more tests of any kind until my boards). So I’m not even going to try to watch it this week, and will avoid that tag until I’m caught up (which will be sometime before the finale next week). I will watch SPN, but may or may not live blog at all. Depends on whether I’m still reviewing things or not, I guess.

OMG my freaking allergies. I’m on Claritin, Nasocort, and prescription antihistamine eye drops, and nevertheless I am currently suffering from a runny nose, itchy eyes, and sneezing. I know the pollen counts are bad, and that my allergies tend to be worse in the city where I go to school than my hometown (which I am going back to next week, and staying with my parents until sometime this summer, when I get my license and a job), but this is ridiculous.

My parents were here, helping with my move, and we went to Easter Mass together before they headed home around noon-ish. So now… I’ve accomplished several things I needed to do, including but not limited to making sure I have all the paperwork together for a presentation I will give tomorrow evening.

So what I should be doing now that I’ve finished that is studying (for my test Wednesday, for my boards next month). What am I actually doing, you ask? Well, obviously I’m alternating between playing Super Paper Mario and reading increasingly silly Steve/Bucky fanfic, while baking shortbread. Of course.